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With spring break approaching, some might choose to take the opportunity to enjoy the sunshine while out on a boat. Regardless of how experienced someone may be, however, it is still important to review boating safety rules, and to be prepared for any emergencies. Do not let a fun day out on the water turn into a dangerous one. Here are some basic tips to stay tips

Check the weather: Spring weather can be lovely, but it does not mean it is always perfect, so always be sure to check local weather conditions before departing. If you notice storm clouds or changing winds, play it safe and head back to land.

Use common sense: This might seem like a given, but is still worth noting. Always remember to operate a boat at safe speeds and to steer clear of large vessels and watercrafts. Do not drink while operating a boat. Not only is it illegal, but it will increase the chances of an accident.

Learn to swim: Part of being safe on the water also means knowing how to swim. Accidents can happen to anyone and anywhere, so being able to swim to safety, if necessary, can be a life-saving skill.

Take a boating course: Both beginners and experts can benefit from a boating course to better familiarize themselves with safety rules of operation. In some state, this may a requirement, but even if it is not, it is important to be educated and prepared for anything that may arise.

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