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Serius njuries can appear when falls happen. Falls are common on sidewalks, in stores, offices, and construction sites. They can happen as a result of slipping or tripping. This is usually called a slip and fall, and these occur often in stores when something is left or spilled on the floor that shouldn’t be there.

Falls can also happen from heights. People fall over railings, downstairs, and off of scaffolds and ladders. When falls happen because of the negligence of a third party, the injured party can bring a claim against the negligent party.

Injuries Vary When Falls Happen

Injuries from a fall can vary depending on the type of fall and the height of the fall. Even the common slip and fall with little height can cause severe injuries. Common injuries from a fall may include any of the following:

Head injuries

About 165 Americans die every day from a traumatic brain injury (TBI) according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).  Falls are a common cause of TBIs and other closed head injuries. In a fall, a person’s head will often make contact with the ground or another hard surface. The blow causes the brain to bounce back and forth inside the skull and can cause bruising, swelling, and tearing of tissues. Even a mild head injury like a concussion can cause memory loss, nausea, headache, and disorientation. A more serious TBI can cause cognitive impairment, brain bleeds requiring surgery, lifelong disability, and death. Those who survive a TBI often need lifelong medical and rehabilitative care to manage their daily lives.

Broken Bones

The older you are, the more likely you are to break a bone when you fall. Falls cause enough stress on the bone that it can break easily. Any bone can break, but some breaks are more likely in a fall. For example, a wrist or arm may break if a person tries to protect themselves from a fall by putting their hands or arms down.

Hip fractures are common in a fall. According to the CDC, over 95 percent of hip fractures occur in a fall. Hip fractures are serious injuries, often requiring surgery and rehabilitation.

 suffering various forms of slips, and falls.

When falls happen from a height, such as a ladder or downstairs, broken legs are common. These too, often require surgery and pinning the bones back in place. It can take months of rehabilitation to regain normal movement.

Back and Spinal Cord Injuries.

Falls, especially those from a height, can cause enough impact on the bone to fracture vertebrae. But even a slip and fall can cause a fracture or a herniated disc. Either of these injuries causes significant pain and disruption in a person’s life. A spinal cord injury may cause paralysis.

Knee Damage when falls happen

In much the same way that a person may attempt to break a fall by stretching out their hands and arms, a person’s knee or knees can make contact with the ground first in a fall. When this happens, a person may shatter the knee cap. Or a person may twist to avoid injury to the knee as they fall, inadvertently causing a tear in a muscle or ligament inside the knee. This may require surgery to correct.

This list is not exhaustive. In addition to the above, a person may suffer contusions, sprains, and other injuries. An experienced Texas personal injury attorney can help you get the compensation you need and deserve.

Fall injury because of premises liability

If you fall on another person’s property because of hazardous conditions, including those that result in a slip, you can sue the property owner through a “premises liability claim.” A premises liability claim is one filed against a property owner who is at fault in an accident that results in injuries to a visitor or customer. 

The at-fault party can be the property owner, property manager, or landowner. The at-fault party can also be a government agency if the government owns the property, though it is a generally more difficult process to sue the government.

Man in winter dress slip on sidewalk with ice closeup background.

What to do after a fall injury?

First, take a moment to determine whether you have not suffered serious injuries. If so, stay where you are and let someone else call for medical help. If you have not been injured seriously, then you might try to get up from the floor as you continue to assess your situation, including watching for signs of a brain injury, such as a concussion. 

The best way to get up will vary from person to person, but here are some tips on how to best get up after you have fallen and it’s safe to do so:

  1. Slowly position yourself in a kneeling position with support from your hands.
  2. Push yourself into an upright position
  3. If this is not easy, crawl towards a firm piece of furniture like a chair or sofa that can give you support in getting up.
  4. Raise and turn your body sideways, pushing with your hands and foot until you are safely seated on the chair or sofa.
  5. Remain seated for a few minutes before you try to do anything and check again for any delayed injuries you may have suffered.

How to treat Common Injuries When Falls Happen?

If your fall injury is not serious enough to require treatment at a hospital or emergency center, there are some things you can do to treat the minor injury you may have suffered, such as the following:

  • Ice: Put ice on the injured area as this will help with inflammation. The ice helps in removing excess heat from your body which typically rises following an injury. Applying ice will also decrease swelling and pain.
  • Compression: Wrapping up the injured area provides support and prevents swelling from getting worse. Make sure the cloth or material you use is clean and not contaminated with germs that could be introduced into the injured area.
  • Elevation: It is important to keep your body elevated as this will help your body in absorbing the extra fluid that is caused by swelling. Position your body at equal level with your heart. 
  • Rest: When you have suffered an injury – even a minor one – the body needs to rest as much as possible to start and complete the healing process, so get as much rest as you can during the healing process.

The best course of action is to always seek a professional medical evaluation – even if you do not believe your injuries are that severe. Professionals will devise the best treatment course for your specific injuries. 

Do I need to claim a fall injury?

It depends on how serious your injury is. If you have suffered an injury that required treatment and resulted in losses, then you likely have a claim for your injuries.

Learn About Your Legal Options with a Texas Slip and Fall Lawyer

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