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Anyone with fractures from bicycle accidents is likely to sustain several serious injuries, including the possibility of multiple broken bones. This is because bicyclists typically do not have anything to protect their legs or arms, and by sheer force of the collision, the outcome is usually broken lesions

People enjoy riding bicycles for many different reasons. While there are efforts to make cycling on the streets safer, it is still cases that many accidents occur involving cyclists, and many of them result in serious injuries. Those injured in a bicycle collision should immediately speak with an injury law firm that regularly handles this type of case. 

There are two ways bone fractures may occur – one when a bicyclist has contact with the car that hits them, or two when the cyclist hits the pavement. When this happens, several types of fractures can result.

Types of Bone Fractures

The type and nature of bone fracture that can result from a bicycle accident will affect what treatment is needed and the length of the possible recovery time. A bicycle accident victim might sustain one or more of the following:

  • Closed fracture: This is when the bone breaks but does not puncture the skin.
  • Open fracture: This is when the bone breaks and pierces through the skin. In this type of fracture, there is a heightened risk of infection, and most victims need emergency surgery.
  • Comminuted fracture: This type of fracture occurs when the bone breaks into several pieces.
  • Displaced fracture: In such cases, the bone snaps and moves such that the ends are not lined up straight.
  • Non-displaced fracture: In these cases, the bone cracks but maintains its alignment.

Consequences of Fractures From Bicycle Accidents

When someone has suffered a bone fracture injury, they may require surgery, depending on how severe the fracture is, its location, and the damage sustained to the bone and surrounding tissue. More devastating and severe bone fractures sustained in a bicycle crash can have serious complications and even life-changing consequences if not treated right away. For example, it is possible for an accident victim to sustain damage to blood vessels or for the bone and adjacent tissue to get infected. 

The prognosis for recovery from bone fractures could be weeks or even months, even with the best of treatment available.

The Most Susceptible Bones in a Bike Accident

Any bone in the cyclist’s body may break in a bike accident, including:

  • Facial bones. A broken nose, a broken cheekbone, or even a broken jaw can be extremely painful, could require surgery, and may result in disfigurement.
  • Skull. Head trauma is common in bike crashes, and skull fractures can result, even if the cyclist was wearing a helmet.
  • Neck. One of the more devastating and possibly life-altering injuries is when one of the cervical vertebrae between one’s skull and shoulders breaks. The broken vertebra may not be able to adequately protect the spinal cord, and if this leads to a spinal cord injury, the outcome could be paralysis or even death.

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