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A spinal cord injury is one of the most serious injuries a person can sustain. Called a “catastrophic injury,” spinal cord injuries can cause paralysis which can permanently affect a person’s independence, mobility, ability to work, and quality of life. If you or someone you know has been injured in an auto accident, construction accident, assault, slip/trip and fall accident, or another type of preventable accident caused by another person’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your injury. Contact Holladay Law Firm, PLLC as soon as possible to learn more about your legal rights.

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Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries fall into two different categories: complete and incomplete.

  • In an incomplete injury, the spinal cord is only partially severed. A person with an incomplete injury still retains some degree of function depending on the extent and location of the injury.
  • In a complete injury, the spinal cord is fully severed. A person with a complete spinal cord injury suffers a complete loss of function below the location of the injury.

The most common types of spinal cord injuries include:

  • Tetraplegia, which results in damage to the cervical spinal cord, a loss of function below the level of the injury, and difficulties with bladder and bowel control, respiration, and other functions.
  • Paraplegia, in which function is lost in the lower half of the body. As with tetraplegia, the higher up on the spinal cord the injury takes place, the more severe the injury.
  • Triplegia, which results in a loss of movement and sensation in one arm and both legs.

Injuries sustained below the lumbar spinal cord typically do not result in paralysis, but they can result in reduced function in some areas of the body and produce nerve pain. These injuries may require surgery in order to help the victim recover.

Living with a Spinal Cord Injury

The financial burdens of a spinal cord injury depend on the location and severity of the injury as well as the age at which the injury occurs. The cost of living with one of these devastating injuries can be substantial. Long-term medical care, medications, home care, and other expenses can initially be very expensive and continue to cost for the rest of the victim’s life. Coupled with an inability to earn income or provide the same household services they could when they were healthy, a victim and his or her family may experience serious financial strain.

According to data published by the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center, a person diagnosed with paraplegia may incur nearly $519,000 in medical bills during their first year and $70,000 each subsequent year. Expenses for high tetraplegia (also called quadriplegia) can reach well over $1 million during the first year and nearly $182,000 for each year thereafter.

Innocent victims should not be responsible for paying these costs. If your injury was caused by the careless or intentional actions of another person, they can and should be held liable for your injuries. An attorney at our firm can help prove that your injuries resulted from negligence and hold the appropriate party or parties responsible for their misconduct.

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