Unsecured Cargo Accidents

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Accidents involving commercial trucks can happen for any number of reasons, including unsecured or improperly secured cargo. Trucking companies and drivers are required to follow numerous rules and regulations as they apply to the proper loading and securing of cargo. Failure to comply with these cargo regulations can lead to disastrous, even deadly accidents.

At Holladay Law Firm, PLLC, our lawyers understand how frightening and disorienting a truck accident can be, especially if you or someone you love was severely injured. If you were in an accident with a truck with unsecured cargo, our firm wants to help you fight for justice and maximum compensation.

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Causes of Unsecured Cargo Accidents

If a driver or trucking company fails to adhere to cargo regulations, a truck’s load may be improperly secured, unsafely stored, or overloaded. Any of these issues can cause a serious problem. When a trailer is overloaded, it may cause the trailer to swing forward, causing a very damaging jackknife accident. IN very severe cases, it might cause the truck to overturn on the road, striking other vehicles.

Improperly secured truck loads may become loose within the truck trailer, causing the driver to lose control of the vehicle, or potentially losing cargo. Loose cargo might fall off of our out of the trailer, hitting cars or pedestrians and causing serious damage.

Trucks loaded with hazardous materials could cause even more damage if those chemicals or substances are improperly stored. Leaks or spills could be catastrophic, causing fires or sometimes explosions.

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If you were involved in an accident with a truck that had improperly secured cargo, we want to help. Whether you were struck with fallen cargo, injured by spilled chemicals, or hit by a jackknifing truck, our firm can investigate the circumstances of your case and find out who was at fault for your accident.

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