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  • 14 Apr 2017
    Bicycle Accidents and the Rights of Injured Victims
    Posted by Holladay Law Firm In category Personal Injury

    Bicyclists are among the most vulnerable people on our public roads. With no armor shielding them from dangers posed by passenger vehicles, bicycle riders often suffer serious injuries when involved in traffic collisions. Thankfully, these injured riders may have the opportunity to recover their damages [...]

  • 10 Apr 2017
    Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents
    Posted by Holladay Law Firm In category Motorcycle Accidents, Personal Injury

    While motorcycles are a tremendous joy to ride. But due to their small size and lack of protection compared to other motor vehicles, an accident involving a motorcycle has the potential to be far more serious than other types of crashes. Understanding [...]

  • 04 Apr 2017
    Boating Accidents: Dangerous and Deadly
    Posted by Holladay Law Firm In category Personal Injury, Safety Tips

    When you head out for a day on the water with your friends and family, boating accidents are likely one of the last things on your mind. Car accidents are more widely discussed, but, although they aren’t as commonly talked about, boating accidents can be just as dangerous and deadly. In fact, hundreds [...]

  • 17 Mar 2017
    Driving Safety Tips on St. Patrick’s Day Weekend
    Posted by Holladay Law Firm In category Personal Injury

    On holiday weekends, law enforcement comes in full force. St. Patrick’s Day is no exception, and officers are even more vigilant. It is one of the busiest weekends for law enforcement, who will be anticipating high numbers of drunk driving arrests to occur. In addition to higher numbers of DUI arrest, [...]

  • 28 Oct 2016
    5 Halloween Pedestrian Safety Tips
    Posted by Holladay Law Firm In category Personal Injury, Safety Tips

    Halloween is only days away and kids and adults alike are getting ready for a night of trick-or-treating, handing our candy, and attending parties. No matter what your plans include, safety should always be your top priority. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents tend to spike on Halloween night due to th [...]



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